selling through service: how to create the relationship advantage


you will:

  • understand the attitudes that are critical to "championship selling"
  • learn the best practices of today's outstanding sales people
  • explore the typical mismatch between a buyer's needs and the salesperson's approach
  • assess where you can improve


with the internet shrinking the world's sales population, those who are left must be the absolute best. this presentation will offer the three core attitudes that lead to sales excellence and the critical few practices that create such results.

the core attitudes are:

  • focus on the customer
  • earn the right to advance, and
  • persuade through involvement

the critical practices include:

  • using "hi-gain" questions
  • summarizing
  • advancing the sales situation
  • selling through service
  • story telling


interactive participation with audience involvement. case examples, statistics, and research.

target audience:

all sales people; sales support staff; sales executives; sales managers; and customer service representatives

the material can be modified for veteran or new sales people and for selling a service or product.


45 minutes to one day


a self-assessment questionnaire can be administered before, during or after the presentation to help each participant tailor the concepts to his/her unique situation.

other possible topics:

  • effective sales management
  • how to handle an objection
  • opening and closing the sales call
  • four steps to customer-keeping service
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