high impact leadership: best practies for leading in times of rapid change


you will:

  • understand the dramatic business and human dynamics that call for a new leadership paradigm
  • explore the attitudes and best practices of today's most effective leaders
  • identify areas for self improvement


research indicates that leaders are most confident in their ability to develop a powerful strategy and least confident in their ability to align their people to execute it. in the next five years the relative importance of today's competencies like strategic planning, decision making, and performance management will be replaced by adaptability, flexibility and the ability to learn.

this presentation will examine the six c's of effective leadership. the leader must be: clear, conspicuous, consistent, candid, courageous and centered.

in addition, building on the research presented in richard's video, solving the leadership puzzle, in order to succeed today, leaders must have: a passionate connectedness to the enterprise and the ability to create meaning for, mobilize, and inspire the people they lead.


interactive presentation with audience involvement. case examples, statistics, and research.

target audience:

all leaders, managers, and supervisors


45 minutes to one day


a self-assessment questionnaire can be administered before during or after the presentation to help each participant customize the concepts to his/her unique situation

other possible topics:

  • how to deal with problem employees
  • how to create a vision for your work group
  • how to get employees to understand and support change
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