love the work you're with: how to find the job you always wanted without leaving the one you have


you will:

  • explore how to get the most out of the job you have
  • learn six "ways of being" that lead to greater productivity and joy at work,
  • assess where you are by completing a self-assessment diagnostic
  • create plans for improvement
  • (optional for leaders and managers) learn how to create the high passion, high performance organization


based on richard's book, love the work you're with, this engaging presentation will explore six "ways of being" that can help virtually anyone find greater productivity and joy at work. the overriding principle is simply that the job you've got is the job you've got, so what's to lose by trying to make the most of it.

the six "ways of being" are:

  • be home
  • follow your passion
  • create your own reality
  • get out of your own way
  • declare your interdependence, and
  • be yourself

each participant will have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment questionnaire that will help him/her identify where and how to improve his/her own work situation.

a specially designed segment for leaders and managers can be added to this presentation. it focuses on what they can do to create the kind of environment that generates high levels of positive energy and spirit in their work units.


highly interactive with significant audience involvement and individual and small group work. case examples, statistics, and research.

target audience:

all employees throughout the organization. leaders and managers.


45 minutes to a full day workshop.


a self-assessment questionnaire can be administered before, during or after the presentation to help each participant customize the concepts to his/her unique situation.

leader/manager segment (see above)

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