how to create the branded customer experience™


you will:

  • understand the definition and importance of brand
  • learn best practices from world class companies with powerful brands
  • discover the secret weapon for creating a strong brand
  • assess your own brand's strength and impact


based on research and the branded customer experience (bce)™ model developed by the forum corporation, this proven approach to increasing the impact of a company's brand is offered in an exciting and high impact presentation.

rather than measure the typical csi (customer satisfaction index), a more relevant measure will be presented. the cei (customer experience index). since a brand is essentially a promise, the cei is a preferred method for determining the extent to which that promise is kept.

in addition to the traditional marketing "p's" (packaging, promotion, placement and price) the branded customer experience requires two more all important but often overlooked p's: processes and people. using the bce model, participants will learn how to make every customer interaction consistent, intentional, differentiated and valuable every time.


interactive presentation with audience involvement. case examples, statistics, and research.

target audience:

executives; sales and marketing; product developers; manufacturing personnel

because it is the responsibility of every company employee to keep the brand promise this is a very effective combined session for people from all functions and all levels.


45 minutes to � day

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