how to create customer loyalty by creating a customer-centered organization


you will:

  • understand the benefits of becoming customer-centered
  • learn the best practices of world class customer-centered organizations
  • assess the extent to which your organization utilizes the best practices, and
  • identify opportunities for improvement


this presentation is based on richard whiteley's two award-winning and best-selling books: the customer driven company and customer-centered growth, and research with over 200 organizations on six different continents. it focuses on the five proven strategies that outstanding customer-centered companies utilize to create growth and profitability through increased customer loyalty and retention. the five strategies are:
1. moving from identity crisis to laser-beam focus
2. moving from listening to hardwiring the voice of the customer
3. moving from "teamitis" to universal collaboration
4. moving from customer satisfaction to lasting customer enthusiasm
5. moving from facilitative leadership to contact leadership
a segment of this session will be devoted to the internet and its impact on acquiring and maintaining effective customer relationships.


interactive presentation with audience involvement. case examples, statistics, and research.

target audience:

executives, sales and marketing personnel, product developers, technical staff and administrative and support personnel. because delighting the customer is the responsibility of every company employee this is a very effective combined session for people from all functions and levels within the organization.


45 minutes to a full day workshop


a self-assessment questionnaire can be administered before, during or after the presentation to help each participant customize the concepts to his/her unique situation.

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