"your message was very well received by our team and has focused our attention on the importance of customer satisfaction to the future of our business. the clarity of your talk and the pragmatic approach of your book have been extremely helpful in gaining the commitment of our management team."

william warwick, president
at&t microelectronics

"i felt our workshop was terrific. whatever concerns i had quickly evaporated when you took over the audience and got people going. i congratulate you on doing a fine job."

roy zuckerberg, partner
goldman, sachs & co.

"i would be making a terrible mistake if i did not take this moment to thank you for your outstanding presentation to our managers. your talk, especially the way you wove in the office managers' new compliance responsibilities, really hit the nail on the head. their applause was one indication. we all walked out of the meeting with the inspiration to put your thoughts into action."

william daley, general director
john hancock

"i wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much i enjoyed your presentation last tuesday. the program was short, to the point, and gave participants tangibles to take back to their companies."

linda paulmeno, manager, corporate programs

"your presentation served to motivate our sales force. it seemed like everything we discussed a couple of weeks before the meeting found its way into your talk. all the comments were positive like: 'the best speaker we ever had'; 'wish it could have been longer'; and "where can i get his book to learn more?' you struck a chord with our salespeople and it was the exact message i wanted them to hear."

ruth unzicker, vice president, sales

"it was interesting to see the evaluation forms. your presentation was frequently rated "5+++" (1 to 5 rating scale). you really did a wonderful job and it added greatly to the success of our conference."

richard munn, chairman
information technology services marketing association

"our company is the leading seminar organization in latin america. we have had such experts as peter drucker, tom peters, lee iacocca, philip kottler, michael porter and others. richard whiteley was simply one of the best speakers we have ever had. he is the only speaker to have ever received a perfect score from our attendees. the big difference between richard and other speakers is that he can tell an audience how to make it happen in a very practical and entertaining way. we are particularly delighted with the time he took to learn about our audiences to make the presentations directed to them."

jos´┐Ż salibi neto, managing director
hsm cultura & desenvolvimento

"customer service workshop was phenomenal"

"richard whiteley increased my expectations. his session made the entire event worthwhile."

"yah freaking hoo!"

"this was fantastic. practical. can use the information immediately."

"richard is amazing! keep him coming back."

"very good presentation style...lots of audience participation...lots of style, content and humor"

audience comments from microsoft partners presentation

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