how good a salesperson are you?

step 1: using a 1 to 5 scale (1=never, 3=sometimes, 5=always) indicate the number that best describes the extent to which you apply the practice indicated. for best results be totally candid and if you are undecided between two numbers, select the lower one. try to reflect what is actually true for you rather than the "right" answers.

your rating practice
1. i am an excellent story teller.
2. i use penetrating questions to elicit useful information from my customer/prospect.
3. i am excellent when it comes to using internal resources to support a sales situation.
4. i am very effective selling to multiple decision makers.
5. i always adapt my approach based on the technical and personal needs of my prospect/customer.
6. i am an excellent listener.
7. i have a proven and specific process for handling an objection.
8. i use the process described in #7 above every time i actually get an objection.
9. i don't get overly compulsive about making sales targets.
10. my sales presentations are top rate.
11. when i lose a sale i debrief with the buyer to learn from the experience.
12. i focus on where the customer/prospect is in the buying process rather than where i am in the selling process.

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