how alive is your spirit at work?

step 1: using a 1 to 5 scale (1=never, 3=sometimes, 5=always) indicate the number that best describes the extent to which you apply the practice indicated. for best results be totally candid and if you are undecided between two numbers, select the lower one. try to reflect what is actually true for you rather than the "right" answers.

your rating practice
1. when work pressures increase i am able to remain calm, grounded and clear.
2. i don't become obsessed with goals or performance targets.
3. my work creates passion in me rather than draining it.
4. i have a positive attitude about my job.
5. i see the glass as half full rather than half empty.
6. when i make mistakes at work i use them to create a positive result.
7. when i am the obstacle between me and what i want at work i can see it and fix it.
8. i have a genius for my work.
9. i have a strong network of people with whom i connect at work.
10. i have formally asked people who can help me with work issues to be my advisors.
11. at work i am comfortable telling the truth.
12. i am able to find the humor in tough situations at work.

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