how good a leader are you?

step 1: using a 1 to 5 scale (1=never, 3=sometimes, 5=always) indicate the number that best describes the extent to which you apply the practice indicated. for best results be totally candid and if you are undecided between two numbers, select the lower one. try to reflect what is actually true for you rather than the "right" answers.

your rating practice
1. i thoroughly understand the motivation of every person who reports to me.
2. my work units have a clear vision which is understood by all.
3. i give more recognition than criticism.
4. i have no problem admitting my mistakes to others
5. my work unit has a clear set of values that are understood by all.
6. i would be willing to dismiss any person who is unwilling to live by our values.
7. i have great passion for my work.
8. i tell the truth to my people.
9. i have a strong network of people with whom i connect at work.
10. i am able to laugh at my own mistakes.
11. i am a terrific listener.
12. even when there is risk to me, i am willing to take a stand for what is important to my team.

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