how well are you creating the branded customer experience™ ?

step 1: using a 1 to 5 scale (1=never, 3=sometimes, 5=always) indicate the number that best describes the extent to which you apply the practice indicated. for best results be totally candid and if you are undecided between two numbers, select the lower one. try to reflect what is actually true for you rather than the "right" answers.

your rating practice
1. we have a clear, current and on-going understanding of our customers' needs.
2. we are first to market with new innovations that benefit our customers.
3. our customers' needs are shared with everyone in our company.
4. we have a clear vision for our company that is understood by all employees.
5. our internal processes are robust and support zero defect delivery to customers.
6. we use customer relationship management (crm) to greatly enhance our customers' experience of us.
7. we create a consistent experience for our customers across all markets, product groups and geographies.
8. we understand how each of our customers wants to do business with us.
9. our senior leaders spend considerable time with our customers.
10. we make it easy for our customers to do business with us.
11. we formally train our people on how to add value in every customer interaction.
12. we have a process for managing customer relationships that by itself adds value beyond whatever product or service we are delivering.

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