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reviews for the corporate shaman:

"an engaging illustration of how the wisdom gained throughout the years has powerful relevance to modern business dilemmas."

jdeepak chopra
author of, grow younger, live longer

"i loved the book! it is a real breakthrough it reveals the role that intuition will play in empowering the corporate leader of the future! i highly recommend it to today's corporate leaders and to those who want to become one!"

patrick mcgovern
chairman of the board
idg international data group

"i found richard whiteley's new book, the corporate shaman to be very engaging and different from anything i have ever read. i read it in one sitting because i simply could not put it down."

charlie eitel
chairman & ceo
the simmons company

"a stimulating and creative application of shamanism to modern life."

michael harner ph.d
author, the way of the shaman

"corporate leadership often thinks in terms of logic and reason rather than faith and experience. in the corporate shaman, whiteley presents a time-tested technology to access the combination of both logic and faith. the concepts here are not intuitive to the western trained business mind, but they are highly provocative. who knows what power lies within?"

stephen bonner
cancer treatment centers of america

"the corporate shaman is one of those rare delightful books that inspires while it entertains. richard whiteley takes the abstract idea of bringing the spirit back into work and makes it a stunning, life-changing reality. i'm going to buy a case of these and send them to my favorite people."

joan borysenko, ph.d
author of inner peace for busy people

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reviews for love the work you're with:

"richard whiteley proves again that he is one of the all-time great thinkers about how to flourish as a business or person in today's hyper competitive world."

david s. pottruck
president and co-ceo, charles schwab corporation
co-author of clicks and mortar

"richard whiteley teaches that the intangibles - latitude for individuality and expression of the human spirit at work - are the important factors for the fulfillment of employees and the consequent success of their joint enterprise. southwest airlines says 'hurray for whiteley!'"

herb kelleher
chairman, president and ceo
southwest airlines

"the key to success in life, both financially and professionally, is the test of joy. if you don't love what you're doing you'll fall short. let richard whiteley show you how to pass the test of joy successfully."

ken blanchard
co-author of the one-minute manager

"most of us will spend 100,000 hours working. richard whiteley's love the work you're with will show you how to bring more passion, joy, fun and creativity to your job. it's a must read for anyone who works.'"

marcia wieder
author of making your dreams come true

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reviews for customer-centered growth:

"a superb highly readable book-an invaluable resource in today's global business environment. a useful guide to help generate corporate growth."

j.w. marriott, jr.
marriott corporation

"in modern business, the vital role of management is to come out of the office and boardroom to the point of sale or service delivery. customer-centered growth gets that message across very clearly and is to be commended."

sir colin marshall
british airways

"customer-centered growth hits the nail right on the head. richard whiteley and diane hessan have laid out the winning formula for today's hyper-competitive markets. as i think of our company's turnaround, i clearly see the critical roles whiteley and hessan's 'five proven strategies' can play."

g. richard wagoner
president, north america operations
general motors corporation

"whiteley and hessan have managed to advance customer focus from telling 'stories' to showing 'how' managers can really make a difference in the marketplace. after reading it with a critical eye, i am convinced that it is all there: this is an essential reference text for managers who want to make a difference with customers."

leonard schlesinger
harvard business school

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reviews for the customer driven-company:

"readable, research-based. the two seldom go hand in glove. they do in these pages. richard whiteley has moved the discussion of customer-driven companies up a whole notch. this wonderful book is alive with cases, statistical wisdom and phenomenally sound advise. this is what a lot of us, practitioners and advisors, have been waiting for. bravo!"

tom peters

"as this book demonstrates, the managers who know and serve their clients best will be the winners. the customer-driven company provides the most comprehensive blueprint for building a successful service company."

charles schwab
chairman and founder
charles schwab & co., inc.

"mr. whiteley has focused on the most basic reality for business-there's only one reason to be in business and that's to organize assets and motivate employees for the purpose of serving customer needs. any manager will find useful guidance in mr. whiteley's book."

r.l. crandall
american airlines

"quality demands action. theory alone won't move your firm an inch toward quality improvement. richard whiteley provides the reader with helpful guideposts along the way."

charles cawley
president and ceo
mbna america

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